Actual Customer Reviews

"We have used VOC Reporting in the past for numerous projects.  The expertise in the methodology and our client's processes adds an additional value to their already great services."


James Christ
Airtech Environmental Services Inc

O: 630-860-4740
C: 630-625-2112
"At KMI, we regard the highly trained staff at VOC Reporting to be the most reliable source of accurate and timely test results at a reasonable cost."

Ralph Kyanko
Environmental Manager
Kokosing Materials, Inc.
Ralph E. Kyanko
Kokosing Materials, Inc.
[email protected]
Phone: (440)322-2685 Ext. 15
Fax: (866)480-7497
Mobile: (740)225-0363
"Industrial Air Science performs approximately 10 Method 25 sampling projects per year.  VOC Reporting has been the sole provider of Method 25 sampling equipment and analysis to IAS for the past 15 years.  The sampling equipment always meets or exceeds the method requirements and the analytical reports are always delivered on a timely basis.  You will find the staff of VOC Reporting to be very competent and experienced not only in VOC analysis, but also a wide range of environmental consulting concerns."

Bert Forsyth
President / Sr. Project Manager
Industrial Air Science
Dayton, Ohio
"We have been purchasing US EPA Method 25 testing services since 1989. In the early years we had numerous problems with this method and many tests were unsuccessful with unusable data. Often, outlet concentrations exceeded the inlet concentrations of a control device by 2 or 3 magnitudes. I published at least one article in Florida Environments News Magazine in the early 90's discussing the problems our testing industry was encountering with this method.

After I met Dr. Charles Simon of VOC Reporting my opinion of this method did a 180 degree turn. Dr. Simon trained and educated my various testing companies in the proper sampling techniques and quality control necessary to perform this method. Since then, we have had a 100% success rate using this method on a number of different sources. His knowledge of chemistry combined with his extensive knowledge of source testing and the various industry we test has aided us in this success. We often hire Dr. Simon to be part of the test team on our most sensitive projects to direct the sampling activities.

We involve VOC Reporting at the very start of our projects with the test plan and protocol, the proper sampling equipment configuration, equipment rental and the final analysis. The lab's turnaround time is rapid, the pricing is competitive and reports are accurate and they stand behind the quality of their services. My company insists that all our test teams use VOC Reporting for all of our method 25 work. We highly recommend VOC Reporting."

Grove Scientific & Engineering Company
Orlando Florida

Bruno A. Ferraro, CEP, QEP
"I have used several companies for VOC equipment and analysis using Method 25.  I have found no one who compares to VOC Reporting.  The equipment is always on-time, cleaned, prepped and in good working order.  The analysis is timely, clearly reported and accurate.  Dr. Simon is our go-to guy when it comes to Method 25."

 Bill J. Byczynski
 Stack Test Group, Inc.
 1500 Boyce Memorial Drive
 Ottawa, IL 61350
 Ph:  (815) 433-0545
 Fax:  (815) 433-0592