Thank you for your interest in  VOC Reporting, Inc. (VRi). Accurate VOC emission testing presents a significant challenge to the stack sampling and laboratory communities. At VRi we encourage our clients to contact us well in advance of field sampling dates to discuss their sampling and analysis protocols and to assure they have all of the equipment needed for each individual VOC emission source. Our goal is to assist you in achieving accurate VOC emission measurements for each source.  Our company has a commercial laboratory with modern equipment enabling us to provide fast, accurate, affordable services and free spare equipment.
      VRi also offers a variety of research level services such as:
  •       VOC in stack condensates and water samples
  •       Residual VOC in manufactured foams and other products
  •       Emission test protocol development
  •       Molecular weight/carbon weight measurement
  •       Method 25A response factor development from 
          M204A and M204F and direct measurements
With 27 years of experience in Environmental, Analytical and Physical chemistry, VRi specializes in VOC emissions testing and Analysis, Stationary Sourced Air Emissions Testing, Small Particle and Surface Analysis, Hypervelocity Impact Phenomena and PSD/NSR Reviews. VRi would be happy to assist you in your analytical needs.
Call us at no cost to discuss your unique problem. We look forward to listening!
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